A Rare Jaguar XJS Modified By Lister Was Sold At Auction

No more than two dozen sports cars are named Lister Le Mans, and all are more powerful than the Ferrari F40.

The British company Lister has been improving Jaguars for decades and this XJS V12 is perhaps one of the top and most special that it has upgraded. And now it became known that the UK 4Star Classic dealership sold this rare Jaguar XJS modified by Lister. While the price for which the car was sold is unknown, initially they were hoping to sell the unique cat for upwards of 100,000$. Considering the car’s improved mechanical and design features those expectations certainly weren’t beyond the realm of possibility.

Specifications Of The Rare Jaguar XJS Modified By Lister

jaguar lister

Source: 4Star Classic

There are no more than two dozen sports cars named Lister Le Mans, and their main difference from the factory coupe was the motor boosted to 600 hp. This is 120 hp more powerful than the engine of the iconic Ferrari F40. These cars were built by the company just prior to the introduction of the company’s now-legendary Storm race car.

After the update made for the Jaguar XJS, the coupe of the British brand is equipped with a seven-liter 12-cylinder unit. The standard V12 for the Jaguar XJS of those years had a volume of 5.3 liters.

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The engine was equipped with a new injection system, two superchargers, connecting rods, as well as an alternative control unit. The maximum car speed was 200 mph.

Lister Jaguar XJS Interior And Exterior

jaguar xjs lister interior

Source: 4Star Classic

Jaguar XJS Lister Le Mans also received a modified appearance. It has enlarged wheel arches with 17-inch discs, different bumpers, a wing on the luggage compartment lid, and alternative optics. In the process of improving the coupe, specialists reconfigured the suspension and equipped the model with more powerful brakes.

Inside, the British car is equipped with a telephone, Alpine audio system, and its interior is trimmed with walnut wood and leather. According to the seller, the Jaguar XJS was in good condition, with a mileage of 29,080 miles.

Now the Lister studio continues to refine the factory models of Jaguar, and last year it became known for the release of the fastest British crossover. The modified Jaguar F-Pace SVR, presented under the name Lister Stealth, is capable of accelerating to 195 miles / h and can technically be considered the fastest SUV on the planet.

Source: 4Star Classic

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