August 14, 2022


The Automotive Of Paradise

Annual motorcycle run raises money for scholarships

About 225 motorcycles rumbled into Wichita Falls Monday as riders in the American Legion National Legacy Run stopped for lunch on their way to Phoenix, Arizona.

The group ate lunch at Legion Post 169 and Post 120 provided a place to relax and soak up some air conditioning.

They left Rogers, Arkansas, Sunday morning and will make their way West during the five-day event. 

About 225 motorcyclists rumbled into Wichita Falls Monday and stopped at the American Legion Post 169 for lunch. The riders are participating in the 2021 National Legacy Run from Rogers, Arkansa to Phoenix, Airzona.

“Today we’re on our 2021 National Legacy Run, which is an annual run the American Legion Riders do to raise money for the Legacy Scholarship Fund,” said Mark Clark, national chairman of the American Legion Riders and chief road captain for the National Legacy Run.

Mark Clark pauses at American Legion Post 169 Monday as he and about 225 other riders came through Wichita Falls on the American Legion National Legacy Run that raises money for scholarships for fallen veterans. The run ends Thursday in Phoenix, Airzona.

The fund provides scholarships to the children of veterans killed since September 11, 2001, and post-9-11 veterans with 50 percent or greater disability.

The trek is more that 1,300 miles and will arrive in time for the American Legion National Convention in Phoenix, August 27 through September 2, 2021.

When asked about the ride, Clark said, “I think the extraordinary thing that we see along the way is just the kindness and goodness of the American people. We purposely ride through small towns so that we can get in and let those folks see the American Legion at its best.”  

After lunch, the group heads to Lubbock for the night then a stop in Ruidoso, New Mexico, then Show Low, Arizona, and on to Phoenix.

One of about 225 customized motorcycles from accross the country that stopped for lunch in Wichita Falls during the American Legion National Legacy Run. Post 169 provided lunch for the riders heading toward Lubbock on their way to Phoenix, Arizona.

Clark added, “The people that are riding with us are dedicated American Legion family members. They are either Legionnaires, auxiliary members or sons of the American Legion, and we come together as an American Legion family to represent the American Legion the best way that we can and to get out and let our riders experience the beauty of God’s creation here in the United States.”