Auto Repair Shops Seeing Parts Shortages; Customers Waiting Longer for Service

On average, it’s now taking 15-30 days longer to get parts in for body shops around the nation, and mechanics here in Evansville have heard a slew of reasons as to what’s behind this delay.

“I’ve heard all kinds of stories,” said Don Decker, president of Mill’s Body Shop. “I’ve heard there’s issues with the parts getting stamped and made out to us, and I’ve also heard there’s just an employee shortage and there’s not enough staff to make the parts. I’ve heard that as well.”

This parts shortage leaving drivers stranded across the nation as they have to wait for certain equipment to get to their repair shop, and if you’re in need of a repair soon, no one knows exactly how long it might take you to get your car fixed.

“If it’s a critical part, and you just can’t get it, that could delay it, and it could be a day or two, or it could be a week or two,” said Decker. “It’s just one of those things that is very, very parts specific.”

And with Decker’s lot so full, he’s hoping the parts problem comes to an end soon, but for now, he’s unsure.

“It’s really up in the air, because the people I deal with and the people I buy parts from, I don’t think they have the answers yet,” said Decker. “They’re getting their parts from somewhere also, so I don’t think they know the whole story as to when this might be over.”

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