August 13, 2022


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BMW R1300GS: New test mules and trademarks point towards new engine

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BMW have been spotted testing a new version of the GS, which combined with some recent trademark applications suggest that a new engine is in the pipeline.

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We’ve believed that BMW were working on a new bike and engine update for some time. Last year trademark filings emerged for an M1300GS, which as well as nodding towards the high-performance range of M vehicles as seen with the recent M1000RR, also suggests a change to the engine. The bike was spotted at an off-road centre where BMW offers training.

Although the bike was heavily disguised, there were clear changes to the engine including a new front engine cover, suggesting big changes to the bottom end of the engine.

The cylinders were also shrouded and the bike was fittied with much larger radiators, suggesting the new engine has increased water cooling.

The current 1250 ShiftCam engine, although considered watercooled, actually only uses selective watercooling for particularly hot parts of the top end.

The cylinders themselves have remained air-cooled throughout, hence why they are still so heavily finned.

Wrapping the cylinder in a waterjacket will have a couple of advantages, namely finer control over the combustion environment for reduced emissions while also offering sound insulation, both things that will be under tighter control for Euro5B, which is expected in the not too distant future.

Although we’ve had nothing official, we’re not expecting a new bike to debut until 2022 at the absolute earliest.