Curtiss Motorcycles Presents: “Opposite of Death” Trailer

Matt Chambers and them didn’t give their new Curtiss One electric motorcycle a digital display or ride modes or any of that, because it’s about you connecting to the motorcycle, not a bunch of other stuff. And because he’s “driven to ultimately express humanity’s dreams and desires at the highest level.” Learn all about it (and the ticker symbol) in the former Confederate Motors front man’s new teaser video.

Curtiss Press Release:

NEW ORLEANS — “It’s about love. That’s the source.” – Matt Chambers, Curtiss Chairman & CEO

In Tennessee Williams’ most famous play, we learn that the opposite of death is desire…the Curtiss Motorcycle Company knows this well, and today they’ve released a new trailer that teases a long format documentary showcasing the beginning of a new golden age.<iframe width=

Taking inspiration from both the city of New Orleans and the great American playwright Tennessee Williams — Curtiss intends to redefine the culture around motorcycling, declaring the industry’s typically aggressive, fear-based, and death cult-like storytelling and imagery to be outdated, false narratives. Curtiss is driven to ultimately express humanity’s dreams and desires at the highest level.

The film, entitled “Opposite of Death,” outlines the philosophical narrative set around the Curtiss Motorcycle Company and their new Light Electric Vehicle platform architecture, Curtiss One, the basis for all future Curtiss motorcycles. It is due for release in November 2021, and will further explore the philosophy, practices and vision of Curtiss Motorcycles.

New Golden Age

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and with offices in Leeds, Alabama, Curtiss Motorcycle Co., Inc. (OTC Pink:CMOT) is on a mission to lead a new golden age of true sustainability by designing and crafting the world’s best and finest electric motorcycles. CMOT is an over-the-counter, publicly traded stock, and is currently coming out of the dark, with a goal of uplisting to the OTCQX by the end of 2021.


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