August 14, 2022


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Dodge EV Muscle Car Planned For 2024

General Motors rival Dodge has announced it will build a new all-electric muscle car. The up-and-coming Dodge EV muscle car was announced during the recent Stellantis EV Day 2021 event, and is set to launch in 2024.

“Our engineers are reaching a practical limit of what we can squeeze from internal combustion innovation,” said Dodge Brand CEO Tim Kuniskis. “They know, we know that electric motors can give us more, and if we know of a technology that can give our customers an advantage, we have an obligation to embrace it.”

Framing the new Dodge EV muscle car as a “natural evolution” of performance, Kuniskis reiterated that the Dodge brand wouldn’t sell “electric cars,” but it would sell “American eMuscle.”

“So if a charger can make a Charger quicker, we’re in,” Kuniskis said.

The announcement included a teaser image showing a shadowy new muscle machine with large polished wheels and illuminated front grille. The new Dodge EV muscle car also appears to be all-wheel drive, as indicated by a four-wheel burnout performed at the end of the teaser. The lines look somewhat old school, with a wide, square, flat stance.

It’s believed the new go-fast battery-electric vehicle will utilize Stellantis’ new STLA architecture, a dedicated electric vehicle platform that may offer upwards of 500 miles of range.

Stellantis also announced a new fully electric Ram 1500 pickup truck, which is also set to arrive in 2024. The new all-electric pickup will ride on the body-on-frame “STLA Frame” architecture, and offer upwards of 500 miles of range. When it arrives, the Ram EV will compete directly with the upcoming Chevy Silverado EV.

As for the new Dodge EV muscle car, General Motors currently has no direct competitor. The most obvious answer would be an all-electric Chevy Camaro or some other Chevy EV muscle car, but at this point, there’s nothing concrete to indicate GM will offer such a vehicle.

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