George Harrison’s Beatles-Era Mercedes Limo For Sale

This 1967 Mercedes-Benz 600 currently listed at auction on Collecting Cars should fetch a pretty penny given celebrity provenance, linking the car to none other than George Harrison of The Beatles. Collecting Cars recently expanded to the American market after finding considerable success in the UK, though this Benz limo stands out from stunning Singer Porsches and low-mileage Ferraris, even above and beyond the pristine cosmetic and mechanical condition attributable to current owner Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia.

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An In-Depth Walkaround Of George Harrison’s Car

Unlike many of Collecting Cars’ listings, the video included does not feature Chris Harris, though it does allow potential bidders a chance to learn a bit more about this rare luxury limo hailing from The Beatles heyday as the best rock band in the world. After being used as a demonstration vehicle for Mercedes-Benz Great Britain, showing off the technical achievements built into the successor to the famous 300D Adenauer, this short-wheelbase W100-gen then came into the hands of George Harrison.

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Powered By A 6.3-Liter Fuel-Injected V8

George Harrison Mercedes Benz 600 2

via Collecting Cars

Mechanical highlights include a 6.3-liter V8 equipped with mechanical fuel injection and paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. Suspension is handled by a pneumatic, self-levelling setup, while a 150-bar hydraulic pressure system powers the windows, seats, sunroof, trunk, and automatic doors in complete silence. A March 2021 service reportedly totaled £45,000 and reportedly included overhauling the hydraulics and re-chroming the brightwork, as well as installing a new shifter bushing on the steering column.

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Leather And (Norwegian) Wood Fit For The Beatles

George Harrison Mercedes Benz 600 3

via Collecting Cars

The plushed-out interior looks almost pristine, with a wood trim and gorgeous leather upholstery. The listing notes no prior bodywork and rust-free condition, as well as no electric faults or warning lights illuminated. The recent work handled by John Haynes of West Sussex additionally stands out as Haynes was trained to work on this special Mercedes-Benz way back in 1964.

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Well Documented With Photos

George Harrison Mercedes Benz 600 4

via Collecting Cars

Included with the auction, various grainy photos of Harrison with the car and a number of documents all attest to the celebrity provenance, so all that remains to be seen is just how high bidding will climb over the current £85,000 (about $118,000) before the auction closes. Given the insane values that most former rockstar and Hollywood icon-owned vehicles tend to fetch, plenty of action may still await this iconic Benz before the day ends.

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