Here’s Everything You Should Know About Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering – an American automobile’s engineering company is a brand founded by John Lingenfelter, an NHRA driver. It is a car brand that focuses on advancing the performance of automobiles, especially induction and engine systems. The brand has its headquarters in Brighton, Michigan.

In 2008, Ken (John Lingenfelter’s cousin) purchased the assets of the company. Ken is also the son of an executive at General Motors. Ken kicked off with a career in real estate settlement, but he grew up with a sheer love for high-performance and stylish cars and bought a Corvette for the first time in 1977. Eventually, his love for automobiles geared him to purchase more cars which led to a peak in his passion for performance cars.

Ken sold his real estate company to pursue a career in the automotive industry and has since been focused on assembling a massive collection of high-class Corvettes, outstanding European cars, and muscle cars across the globe.

The brand has, over time, been able to successfully upgrade and reform cars such as the Hummer H2, Denali, SSR, Suburban, Tahoe, Escalade, Silverado, GTO, CTS-V, Caprice, as well as F and B bodies, Corvette. Lingenfelter has also ventured into the creation of packages to enhance the performance of the Plymouth Prowler and Dodge Viper.

According to Mark Reuss, who happens to be a fellow car enthusiast and close friend of Ken as well as a director of global product development at General Motors Co. (Detroit), he said: “At the end of the day, Ken Lingenfelter is building a legacy of helping people and creating great cars.”

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What Lingenfelter Do

Lightenfelter Performance Engineering

Via: Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, YouTube

The Lingenfelter brand has a rather impressive position when compared to the majority of car brands. While most are focused on innovation, Lingenfelter focuses on re-modification, believing that when an automobile has been created, they serve as forensic experts to pick out faults and ways to help the car function even better than before. Ken was able to gather performance and muscle cars totaling about 180, coupled with some other high-performance cars such as the Ferrari LaFerrari and Bugatti Veyron.

The brand has certain features that single them out and influences how they function, such as:

  • Tweaking: The brand helps performance cars to reach new potential by picking out certain parts and replacing them in order to achieve a better output.
  • Charity: the Lingenfelter brand is also one that has the interest of people at the core of its heart. Charity work is a key aspect of the brand; Ken is equally as passionate about charity as he is about cars. Hence, he found a way to combine both.

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Major Cars Worked On

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition

Via: Mecum Auctions

The Lingenfelter brand has achieved a surprising feat to tweak a few major cars since its inception, and here are some of these tweaked cars:

Chevrolet Tahoe

Lingenfelter tweaked the Chevrolet Tahoe in 1998; the car was successfully powered by a 396 cubic inch 6.5-liter Chevrolet V8 and was able to achieve 0-60 mph in 5.1 seconds. It also had a 0.9g lateral acceleration figure. The car was valued at 500 hp with a 500 lb-ft of torque to match it. They utilized a 4WD drivetrain with 335/35ZR17 tires for its four sides.

C4 Corvette

The Lingenfelter brand also tweaked this special C4 Corvette that had a 427.6 in engine that enabled this ride to reach a top speed of 212 mph. They also worked on a 2001 Corvette 427 twin-turbo that has 800 rear-wheel horsepower that ran on a 0-60 mph acceleration in about 1.97 seconds.

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C8 Exhaust

The Lingenfelter brand joined hands with Corsa performance to work on the C8 Exhaust; it was presented as a lightweight exhaust system that upgrades the stock’s RWTQ and RWHP numbers by 15 and 19, respectively. It makes rumbles stretch in transit and has some very impressive revs. LPE also assured buyers that the new exhaust has been tested on tracks and is proved to have worked with technological ECM.

Corvette Z06

Also, the company developed another LPE vehicle named the 2006 twin-turbo Corvette Z06. Till date, it still stands as one of LPE’s best and most powerful re-modified cars as it possesses a 1,109 rear wheel hp. It was subsequently marketed with a very impressive market acceptance.

Final Thoughts

Chevy Colorado

Via: Lingenfelter

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is a future-oriented car brand that allows cars to reach fresh potential, and the brand is set to outperform most car brands.

It has continued to evolve over the years by facilitating various motorsports activities such as circle track, drag racing, and even off-road competitions.

The brand continues to advance by purchasing additional resources and equipment to further improve the brand’s productivity. Lingenfelter is indeed set to take the industry by surprise with impressive innovations in the coming years, and car enthusiasts have their fingers crossed.

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