How Can Tesla Produce Cars Amidst Chip Shortage, Plant Shut Down; Musk Says Best Software Team in the World

Tesla has produced cars amidst the global chip shortage, and it has even beat expectations on their Q2 2021 earnings report which it has released earlier this week.

That being said, CEO Elon Musk said that it was because Tesla has focused on other features, and that is the car’s software. He regarded that car manufacturers need to invest in software as well as other car elements.

Tesla has delivered a remarkable number of vehicles in the second quarter alone, and it is more than 200,000 units of its electric cars. This report was released in June and was included in the Q2 2021 report. However, Tesla’s success is not only attributed to electric vehicles but other products like the Powerwall as well.

How Does Tesla Produce Car Amidst Chip Shortage?

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks beside the just unveiled new Tesla Model Y (R) in Hawthorne, California on March 14, 2019.

Tesla was initially praised by a Twitter fan account which said that the EV company can still produce cars amidst chip shortage, while other companies like Ford are shutting down. The CEO and eccentric billionaire has noticed this (@elonmusk) and replied the secret to their success. Musk attributed this win to software, and not the car’s hardware.

In the photo screenshot from Tesla by the fan, it said that the electric car manufacturer has changed views, and focused on “19 variants of controllers” instead of relying on chips.

What it did was overhaul its software and hardware, so the vehicle can run on other types of controllers other than a central processing unit or CPU.

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Musk then further said that “Tesla’s software team is excellent,” and regarded cars as “computers on wheels.” Tesla’s software was also regarded as one of the bests in the world, and that the company can line up with the best software companies on the planet.

Elon Musk: Tesla’s Software is the Key

In another tweet, the Tesla founder said that comparing the clean energy company to other car companies as the “best software” among car manufacturers is a low bar. Why? Musk said that it is because other manufacturers do not value software as much as Tesla.

Tesla Model S Plaid Comes With New Hidden Features

(Photo : Tesla)

Musk has written code and developed software for a long time now, and this was what he noticed among the industry and the world’s car manufacturing business. Furthermore, it was only Tesla that treated software as much important as other factors that make an electric vehicle.

This can be seen with the massive infotainment system that could play games, as well as the numerous software updates of the company.

Tesla, Other Cars are Computer on Wheels

What Musk has revealed to the world is the new view on vehicles, and they are not just machines, especially in the technological world that we live in today. Cars are more than mechanical machines, as it has incorporated computers and other features that make it a computer on wheels.

Musk said that the approach to vehicles must be changed, and views must be renewed so that the industry may thrive as much as Tesla did.

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