Jay Leno Just Shared Something That Will Make You Appreciate Today’s Sports Cars More

The former ‘The Tonight Show’ host also reveals what makes this particular MG B so exceptional.

Jay Leno 1973 MG B Moss Motors

Jay Leno has long been the ultimate automotive steward. Most weeks he highlights a classic car that’s in perfect order, but this week we learn a bit more about the truth of automotive history. When most of us pop in our modern cars to go somewhere, we almost never consider how reliable they really are. Wiring issues, underpowered drivetrains, and poor build quality are rarely ever a concern. The 1973 MG B, built by Moss Motors, is a perfect example of the hard work it takes to make these classics run and feel like modern sports cars.

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Weak Points Are Numerous On Classic Cars

Robert Goldman, the chairman at Moss Motors, joins Jay for the review and right away Jay gives the company a lot of credit for helping keep many of his own classics running. The two car guys get deep in the weeds about the challenges that cars of this era faced. Not only were regulations forcing drastic changes, but Goldman points out that some companies simply didn’t have the technological means to deal with those changes.

Many of these sports cars fell into the time when the transition between electro-mechanical parts and fully electrical replacements. As a result of how difficult that adjustment was, many parts failed early and others simply proved less reliable than customers required. Of course, in 2021, things have changed drastically, and Moss Motors has imbued this classic MG B with similar reliability and drivability.

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Modern Touches Make This Classic Sports Car A Blast To Drive

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Via Jay Leno

Take one look around this example of the MG B, and it’s easy to notice how many aftermarket pieces have been installed to improve every bit of the experience. Under the hood there’s a supercharger, modern ignition, and a new carburetor. Slip in behind the wheel and drivers will find an updated interior with a new steering wheel, new switchgear, and upgraded materials throughout. That allows this MG B to be as reliable as any modern car. It’s also a far better performing vehicle than it was brand new, and all of these changes have been made without losing the charm of the original DNA. In fact, on his test drive, Jay mentions that not only do these modifications not diminish the value of the car, but they’re also simple enough that you could return it to stock if needed. Of course, Leno also mentions how good this particular MG B is thanks to its extra power and performance. As he says, it hasn’t lost any of its character.

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