KSA Automotive Industry set to grow @ 12% amidst VISION

Gurugram, India, June 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

  • Chinese carmaker Chery eyes Saudi Arabian market. Despite the repercussions of the pandemic for the automotive sector, Chery witnessed increased demand since the beginning of 2019, as the company launched its latest models designed with more presentable external frames and attractive interior compartments, and equipped with the latest technological features to meet the aspirations of diverse target groups in the Saudi market.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the sales of cars online and convinced a growing number of customers to avoid showrooms for future purchases.
  • IT Spending in Automotive Market to See Huge Growth By 2025 to enable precise and authentic market estimations considering all the parameters and market dynamics.

Saudi Government’s Vision 2030: Under the Vision 2030, the KSA government aims for OEMs to produce 300,000+ vehicles in the country between 2020 & 2030. Saudi Vision 2030 aims to reduce dependence on oil exports highlight the potential for growth of logistics industry in future. Large investments in road infrastructure under Saudi Vision 2030, a 680 Km Saudi-Oman highway and the UAE-Saudi Mafraq-Ghuwaifat International Highway underway contribute to the growth of the logistics industry.

Technological Advancements and Innovations to Drive the Operational Efficiencies: Rising adoption of technologies such as RFID, Warehouse Management System, Transportation Management System and others modules enabling SAP and other ERP based integration by Car Dealerships, Car Workshops, Spare Parts Retailers & Rental Companies in Saudi Arabia is leading to improved cost efficiency within their operations. Companies have started adopting these technologies to have an edge over other players in the automotive market in the country.

Development of Domestic Automotive Industry via Skill Enhancement: Digital Skill Training & Labor Quality Enhancement program will provide more than 600,000 students & 11,000 male and female teachers with programming training to aid digitization. This will support both teachers & students in various institutes, providing highly skilled Saudi national labor to enhance quality of operations. This will further help in strengthening the car manufacturing industry across the country which aims to attract Saudi and foreign investments, increase exports, provide job opportunities, and contribute to economic diversification as part of Vision 2030 Vision.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “KSA Automotive Industry Outlook to 2025 – Focus on Technology Adoption & Trends for Dealers, Distributors, Spare Parts Suppliers, Fleet and Leasing Companies and Car service providers) observed that there is vast opportunity to disrupt the traditional & conservatively operating automotive Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The report discussed the current technology adoption amongst the various segments of players such as Importers, Distributors, Spare Part Dealers, Dealerships, Workshops, car Spas, Rental & Leasing Players amongst more.
The report further analyzed each segment in detail, providing a brief overview along with market size, segmentation, competition analysis, trends, developments & future analysis of various segments, focusing keenly on entity relationships & business models.
These segments are then further analyzed to gain a better understanding of the ERP & CRM modules required to pave the way for digitization amidst the industry across KSA.

Key Segments Covered:

  • KSA Imports & Sales Industry (Distributors & Dealerships)
  • Import & Export Analysis
  • Competition Analysis of Major OEM Brands
  • Future Trends & Developments & Growth Factors
  • KSA Automotive Aftermarket Spare Parts & Service Industry
  • Spare parts Industry
  • Aftermarket Service Industry
  • Competition Analysis of Major Players via Cross Comparisons & Heat Maps
  • KSA Automotive Leasing & Rental Industry
  • KSA Rental Industry (Market Size, Competition & Segmentation)
  • KSA Leasing Industry (Market Size, Competition & Segmentation)
  • Impact of COVID-19 on KSA Automotive Industry
  • Impact of COVID-19 on KSA Automotive Industry
  • Mobility Industry looks forward to Utilize Digital Platforms
  • Post-COVID KSA Automotive Industry Outlook
  • Technology Adoption &  Usage Trends in KSA Automotive Industry
  • Overview of Industry
  • KSA Automotive Technology Trends, Adoption & Recommendations

Key Target Audience

  • KSA Car Dealerships
  • KSA Automotive Industry
  • KSA Automotive Workshops
  • KSA Spare Parts Retailers
  • KSA Automotive Logistic Service Providers
  • KSA Car Rental Players
  • KSA Car Leasing Players
  • KSA ERP Service Providers
  • KSA Technology Consultants
  • KSA Foreign Relation Ministry
  • KSA Customs Department
  • KSA Automotive Industry
  • KSA Imports & Export Authority
  • KSA Hardware Technology Manufacturers
  • KSA Software Technology Manufacturers
  • KSA Cloud Storage Providing Enterprises
  • KSA Public Institutions

Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period: 2014-2019
  • Forecast Period: 2019-2025

Companies Mentioned:

  • Importers/Car Dealership
  • Abdul Latif Jameel Motors
  • Almajdouie Automotive
  • Wallan Trading Co.
  • Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors
  • Haji Husain Alireza & Co.
  • (Mazda, MAN, Aston Martin)
  • Nissan Petromin
  • Manahil International
  • Aljomaih Automotive Company
  • Universal Motors Agencies
  • Kia Al Jabr
  • Al Yemni Motors
  • Alissa Universal Motors Co.
  • Bakhashab Brothers Co.
  • Alesayi Motor Company
  • Al Jazirah Vehicles Agency
  • Juffali Automotive Company
  • Spare Part Retailers/Wholesalers
  • Balubaid
  • Barik International
  • Babatin Auto Parts
  • Speero
  • Juffali Auto Parts Company (JAPCO)
  • Samaco
  • M S Almeshri & Bros Co.
  • AL-OLIAH Auto Spare Parts
  • Delmon Group of Companies
  • SNAM
  • Ubuy
  • Munif Al Nahdi Group (Mize)
  • Odiggo
  • Accidom
  • Bawazeer Auto Parts
  • Bin sahib
  • AHQ Parts
  • Danya Auto Parts
  • Rezayat Automotive  
  • Saudi Parts Center Company (Al Khorayef Group)
  • Aftermarket Service Providers
  • Branded Workshops
    • AutoFix
    • SAC Motor
    • Castrol
    • BEC (Best Engine Centre)
    • Sheikh Center (SKBMW)
    • Abu Jihad Car Maintenance Center
    • Ac Delco Service Centres
    • Tyre Plus
    • 3M Authorized Centre
    • Mize
    • AdinLub
    • Car Spa
    • Car Hub
    • Ezhalha
    • Petromin Express
    • Auto Hub
    • Exxon Mobil
    • Autoworld
    • Castrol Branded Workshops
    • Shell Fastlube
    • Fuchs One
    • NAFT
    • Ziebart
    • Grease Monkey
    • Quick Car Service
    • Morni
  • Agency Repair
    • Samaco
    • United Motors Express Service Lane
    • Al Jazeera
    • Renault
    • Kia Motors
    • Fast Auto Technic
    • Mohammed Yousaf Naghi Motors
    • Porsche
    • Land Rover
    • Quick lane
    • Nissan Petromin
    • Haji Husain Alireza & Co.
    • Universal Motors Agencies
    • Aljomaih Automotive Company Ltd.
    • Alesayi Motors
    • Al Yemni Motors
    • Alissa Universal Motors Co.
    • Bakhashab Brothers Co
    • Al Juffali & Brothers Automotive Ltd.
    • Wallan Hyundai
  • Un-Organized/ Independent Players
    • Middle Eat Auto Services
    • Carzzone
    • German Centre
    • Cartech
    • Alod Haib
    • Al-Aruba Sinnaiyah
    • Saudi Chinese Vehicle Repair
    • Al Shamel Car Maintenance Center 
    • Al Nafie Car Maintenance Workshop
    • Alsajow Center for Car Maintenance
    • Red Car
    • Saudi Egyptian Center for Car Maintenance
    • SRT 8
    • Al Bayan Car Maintenance
    • Mujahid Garage
    • 1 Check Car Services (One Examination Workshop)
    • Saudi radiators
    • Global Auto Maintenance
    • Mohammed Al- Tkhais Abu Rakan
    • Anwar Al Mamlaka Center
    • Quick Cars Service
    • Best Corner Car Maintenance
    • American Diamond Specialist Center
    • Cars electricity and air conditioning
    • Badr Sentop workshop BST
    • Grace Monkey (International Company)
    • Super Service Auto Center
    • XEOEX
    • German Centre
    • AutoGard
  • Rental & Leasing Industry
  • Rental Players
    • Budget rent a car
    • Theeb rent a car
    • Al Wefaq rent a car
    • Autoworld rent a car
    • Key rent a car
    • Avis rent a car
    • Hanco rent a car
    • Samara rent a car
    • Hertz rent a car
    • Autorent a car
  • Leasing Players
    • Ford Aljazirah
    • Budget Rent a Car
    • Universal Motors
    • Al Jomaih
    • Best rent a car
    • Al Tayyar rent a car
    • Enterprise rent a car
    • Hanco rent a car
    • Theeb rent a car
    • Shary rent a car
  • ERP & CRM Providing Technical Consultants
  • Britehouse
  • Techedge
  • Saudi Business Machine
  • Tyconz
  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Tech Mahindra
  • HCL
  • Unitrans
  • NTT Data
  • Deloitte
  • CDK Connect
  • Seidor
  • Wipro

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Saudi Arabia Automotive Industry Overview

Saudi Arabia Imports & Sales Industry (Distributors & Dealerships)

  • Automotive Imports & Sales Industry Ecosystem, KSA
  • Value Chain Analysis of KSA Automotive Imports & Sales
  • Annual Automotive Imports Traffic for Major KSA Ports
  • Analysis of Imported Goods & Major Countries Importing in KSA
  • Value & Volume of Vehicles Imported, KSA
  • Segmentation of Imports on the basis of Vehicle Type, KSA
  • Automotive Vehicle Manufacturing Clusters Analysis, KSA
  • New Motor Vehicle Sales, KSA
  • Market Segmentation of Automotive Sales on the basis of Region, KSA
  • Demographics of KSA Citizens Supporting Automotive Industry, (2019)
  • Segmentation of Vehicle Sales on the basis of Brands & Vehicle Type, KSA
  • Market share of International OEMs in New Vehicle Sales, KSA (2019)
  • Competition Analysis of Automotive Imports & Sales Industry, KSA (2019)
  • Profiles of Major Dealerships & Distributors
  • Business Model & Revenue Stream of Importers/Distributors/Dealerships
  • Trends & Developments in Automotive Vehicle Industry
  • Future of Imports & Sales

KSA Automotive Aftermarket Spare Parts & Service Industry

  • KSA Aftermarket Industry Ecosystem
  • Aftermarket Spare Parts Industry
  • KSA Aftermarket Service Industry
  • Future Trends of Aftermarket Spare Parts & Service Industry

KSA Automotive Leasing & Rental Industry

  • Macroeconomic Overview of the Rental & Leasing Industry
  • KSA Automotive Leasing (Long Term) Industry
  • KSA Rental Industry
  • Future of Leasing & Rental Industry

Impact of Covid-19 on KSA Automotive Industry

  • Impact of COVID 19 on KSA Automotive Industry
  • Mobility Industry looks forward to Utilize Digital Platforms
  • Post COVID KSA Automotive Industry Outlook

Technology Adoption & Usage Trends in KSA Automotive Industry

  • Overview of Industry
  • KSA Automotive Technology Trends, Adoption & Recommendations

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

KSA Automotive Industry Outlook to 2025 – Focus on Technology Adoption & Trends for Dealers, Distributors, Spare Parts Suppliers, Fleet and Leasing Companies and Car service providers

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