Motorcycle driver survives late night weekend collision in Idaho Falls

Courtesy Emilee Burke

IDAHO FALLS – A man on a motorcycle survived a collision with another vehicle over the weekend.

Idaho Falls Police Department spokeswoman Jessica Clements tells the crash occurred Saturday at 12:53 a.m. near the intersection of Saturn and Broadway.

He and his female passenger were traveling eastbound on Broadway and hit the driver’s side door of a pickup truck pulling out of a gas station.

“Both the driver and the passenger of the truck stated they looked both ways before pulling out and did not see the motorcycle,” Clements says.

The people inside the pickup were not hurt, but the man driving the motorcycle was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. He was in stable condition at the time, Clements says.

The driver of the truck was cited for failure to yield to an oncoming vehicle.

Courtesy Emilee Burke

This is the fourth crash in eastern Idaho in the last week involving a motorcycle and the second one in Idaho Falls where the driver of another vehicle did not see the oncoming motorcycle. Clements is reminding people to be aware of the increase in motorcycles on the road at this time of year.

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“Motorcycles can be difficult to see simply due to their size. All drivers should be cognizant that with the warm weather there will be more and more motorcycles on the road. We need to watch out for them,” says Clements.

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Clements is also asking motorcycle drivers to wear a helmet and other protective equipment and drive defensively.

“Motorcyclists may do everything right and may still not be seen by another driver. Putting on protective equipment may be the difference between walking away or not,” she says.

Since May 31, Clements says there have been 96 crashes in Idaho Falls, with 23 of them involving injuries. Of those 23, two were motorcycle crashes and five were bicycle crashes.

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