Q&A with YouTuber Eric Obrochta, auto mechanic in Avoca, NY

An auto mechanic from the small Steuben County town of Avoca may seem like an unlikely candidate for social media stardom, but millions of video views tell a different story.

Eric Obrochta, 41, has built a YouTube channel subscriber base of nearly 600,000 people by sharing an up close view of his job as owner of South Main Auto Repair, from diagnosis through repairs, with plenty of funny slice-of-life asides along the way.

During a June 2021 video captioned “Customer says he can’t get the rotor off” Obrochta sympathizes with a Chevrolet Silverado owner who is not able to remove a front brake rotor “no matter how much he beats on it.” 

After pinpointing the issue, Obrochta said, “It’s kind of comical that the bolt was forgotten, however we have all done stupid things, right? I have done it. You’ve done it. If you haven’t done stupid things, you probably haven’t done anything at all.”

A short video Obrochta posted last September entitled, “When You Think You’ve Seen It All,” has racked up more than 2 million views.

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