Ride-Sharing Motorcycles Just Got Easier And More Affordable

Ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft and property sharing programs like Airbnb have made life infinitely easier in the past few years. Exploring new cities and destinations has never been more accessible or enticing. The motorcycle ride-sharing space is much less crowded in terms of options, but then again, the motorcycle industry is still a relatively niche market in the US. Riders Share, which started in 2018 as sort of an Airbnb for motorcycles, just launched a monthly subscription as an additional boost to the company’s burgeoning community.

According to Riders Share CEO Guillermo Cornejo “Peer-to-peer rentals typically cost up to seventy percent less than brick and mortar motorcycle rentals. With our new subscription offering, we’re now able to further reduce this cost, giving people that can’t commit to motorcycle ownership a viable alternative.” Rider Pass, the new subscription service looks to bring down the cost of entry even further. Or, as Cornejo hopes, the cost of re-entry.

Rider pass isn’t just aiming to help current riders. Cornejo also wants to help ex-riders get back into riding as well new riders get started. “There’s an entire market of twenty million plus ex-riders who are bikeless; our goal with subscription services is to provide an economic re-entry point to stimulate responsible ridership across the country,” said Cornejo. 

The program makes checking out and test-riding multiple bikes a lot easier and relatively stress-free compared to going the old fashion route of renting bikes or wandering around a dealership, hoping someone will help you. 

On average, Riders Share rentals run around $100 a day (with insurance). The Rider Pass subscription enables an additional 35% off the total rental price for a monthly rate of $24. Free bike deliveries and free cancelations are perks to the service as well.

There are however certain requirements before you sign up. In order to qualify for the subscription, you’ll need to be over the age of 25 and carry a credit score over 700. If you prefer an annual payment plan, that will set you back $264, but it will save you one month’s payment in the end. 

The motorcycle community is admittedly a small one, but if motorcycle sales from the previous year are any indication, more people are clearly interested, at the very least, curious. If Riders Share can do for motorcycles and two-wheeled adventures what Uber, Lyft and Airbnb did for local exploration, the future looks bright for the industry as a whole.

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