These ’60s Muscle Cars Have More Power Than Most Sports Cars Today

There’s a good reason why ‘60s muscle cars are considered so badass today. Back then, no one cared that much about fuel efficiency, gas was cheap, and big engines ruled the streets. That was until the oil crisis hit hard and mpg became the new buzzword in town.

Of course, the good that came out of it was that auto manufacturers were a bit more conscious with their builds. That didn’t just save gas, which was now a very precious commodity, but also saved the planet, which as the years progressed, would become a very important subject.

But then there was the trade-off. For a long while, the industry lost a ton of performance. Not just in sales but also mechanical grunt that came from their big-block V8s, most of which were bolted onto the chassis of hard-charging muscle cars that had just hit the market by storm. These fast American coupes were so powerful that today, some sports cars don’t even come near the amount of grunt these machines could produce. These 10, specifically, are some of the most powerful muscle cars ever built in that era.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

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The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet had the three coolest names you could ever think of putting in a muscle car. Those names were justified by the jaw-dropping, timeless, and sexy looks that this powerful Mustang donned. On top of that was the unparalleled performance that made this Mustang one of the most desirable muscle cars at the time and even today.

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The piece de resistance was the massive engine that produced, at least according to Ford, 330 hp. However, according to drivers who’ve put this machine up to its pace, the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet easily gets north of 400 hp on the dyno.

1969 Cadillac Eldorado

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The 1969 Cadillac Eldorado was built to make a statement. This exquisite-looking muscle car featured a long nose and bold lines that ran from the nose to the back, which stole the hearts of many muscle car fans at the time, and even today. But that’s not the only thing Cadillac had in store with the Eldorado.



Under the hood, they packed a 440-hp engine that pulled 550lb-ft of torque, which were ridiculous numbers at the time. Interestingly, the rather “executive” looks of the Eldorado made many drivers unaware of the heavy punch its engine could throw on the road until they got behind the wheel.

Plymouth Barracuda 440

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No other car demonstrates the true Jekyll and Hyde personality other than the Plymouth Barracuda with the 440/6-Pack. Depending on the color choice, the Plymouth Barracuda dons rather sedate looks. But don’t be fooled. This is one of the most beastly muscle cars from the ‘60s you can get your hands on.

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Underneath the bodywork is a hard-charging 425 hp power unit that revs to hell and back. The Plymouth Barracuda also holds the reputation of butchering dragstrip sprint times and is highly customizable to make for even more aggressive machines.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

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Forget the current Chevy Camaro ZL1 that is a beast to contend with on the streets. The current moniker is a tribute to the 1969 ZL1, which is the original Camaro ZL1 ever produced.

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Nothing about the ’69 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 made sense. The power unit was borrowed from the Corvette, which, according to some enthusiasts, developed north of 500 hp when tested. All that grunt was going to street tires that knew nothing about handling such insane amounts of power. But they did. The result was one of the most powerful Camaros ever built at the time.

Oldsmobile Toronado GT Coupe

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The Oldsmobile Toronado GT Coupe was not just one of the most powerful muscle cars you could get your hands on in the ‘60s. This mean machine was America’s first true and successful attempt at building and marketing a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

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Problems, however, started creeping in when Oldsmobile strapped a 385-hp big-block V8 onto the front-axle of the Toronado, just like any other sober-minded American would. That engine, dubbed the Super Rocket, produced so much torque steer that the car was deemed dangerous. Still, enthusiasts cared less about their safety and lavished more on the true American rendition of what a front-wheel-drive luxury vehicle should look and drive like.

1966 Ford Fairlane GT



The 1966 Ford Fairlane GT never got the recognition it deserved. Today, it stands as one of the most underrated muscle cars of the ‘60s. Matter of fact, some gearheads use it as a bastion of good times and cheap speeds today.

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That’s because, even by today’s standards, the 1966 Ford Fairlane GT was a powerful machine. Ford packed a 355-hp V8 under the hood. That ridiculous performance made it a force to reckon with on the streets. The only downside to the whole package might have been the rather plain looks that gave more of a “family-sedan-turned-coupe” aesthetic than a hard-charging muscle car.

Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air

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Even by today’s standards, the Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air is a sexy car. And under the hood, the same holds, given how wild this car used to perform in the ‘60s. What’s even more intriguing is how rare that Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air is. Add the powerful V8 engine to the equation, and you get to understand why getting a Judge Ram Air today is a costly affair.

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That big-block V8 was the undisputed King of dragstrips. Coupled with the transmission, that engine could get the Judge Ram Air through a quarter-mile of asphalt in 13.9 seconds. The only other cars known to do that today are built mainly from carbon fiber and cost about a quarter of a million dollars.

Chevrolet Corvette L88

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The Chevrolet Corvette L88 can easily pass for the most powerful Corvette ever built. Word has it that the L88 was so powerful, that Corvette’s board decided to intentionally not market the car to the public. However, some buyers got their hands on L88-powered Corvettes, and they were nothing short of aggressive beauties.

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The Corvette L88 easily made grunt north of 500 hp, in factory spec. The C7 Corvette, which many argue is one of the best and most powerful Corvettes ever built, came with less grunt than that. Couple that with the petite size and light weight, and you get to understand why the L88 was feared on track.


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The AMC AMX SS 390 has looks that easily deceive. This fast-charging machine is nowhere as tamed as it poses to be.

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The AMC AMX SS 390 runs on a powerful powertrain that puts down power in the region of 340 hp. What makes the entire package even more powerful is the fact that the car is not only small but also lightweight. That allows it to extract every ounce of performance possible out of that 340-hp power unit. The SS 390, however, is very rare. Only 52 were ever produced.

Shelby Cobra 427

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This is inarguably one of the most legendary sports cars of all time. That’s because this petite-looking machine got the magical touch of Carroll Shelby who turned it from a tamed convertible to a menacing beast.

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The Shelby Cobra 427 ran on a 427cu-in motor that produced ridiculous amounts of power for a car that only weighed 2,300 lbs. That combination of insane amounts of power and light weight created a car that some drivers noted could hit 200 mph. That was faster than what most extremely powerful European sports cars could do back in the day. For a road-legal car in the ‘60s, that was insane.

Ranking The Most Powerful Classic Muscle Cars Released In The ’70s

Defiantly unleashed by the carmakers before the emissions regulations really gained ground, these ’70s muscle cars are brimming with V8 power.

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