These Are Emmanuel Macron’s Official State Cars

Emmanuel Macron is the current French president, having started his term in 2017. Unlike other presidents with lavish car collections, Presiden Macron remains humbly, opting for a variety of modern French SUVs, practical and elite, all the while remaining in a relatively accessible price category. Obviously, the value of his cars is nowhere near the same as that of standard factory models, as each of them is retrofitted with a variety of technological and mechanical features to ensure the safety and comfort of France’s most important leader. That is not to say that cars, and the automotive industry in general, are not important to President Macron, as his decision to pour funds into France’s auto industry indicates quite the contrary.

So let’s go on and take a lot at the fantastic French SUVs that serve the French president Emmanuel Macron, helping him, serve his people.

DS 7 Crossback

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The main car associated with President Macron is an ink blue special version of DS 7 Crossback, a fresh French SUV that not only inaugurated his presidency but signposted the coming public availability of the Crossback model to the public market.

This modern SUV is by no means as flashy or exotic as some of the other famous presidential cars, but it is nonetheless feature-laden and an exemplary presidential vehicle. It comes as no surprise that the youngest president of France, since Napolean Bonarpate (Motor1), should choose the newest and most advanced model of a well-established French brand. DS is continuously advancing, pushing EV and hybrid technology to new levels, so it serves as the ideal platform for the ‘new’ president looking to help grow and develop France.

While the official DS website does not state specifics about the mechanical side of the presidential Crossback, public Crossback models can be ordered with three different engines: Petrol, Petrol-Hybrid, and Turbo Diesel (DSAutomobiles), with the Petrol-Hybrid engine producing 300HP and a 0-60MPH time of 5.9 seconds. Furthermore, as the protection of the president is paramount, it is quite safe to assume that the Presidential model would not be housing the weakest 131HP Petrol and Turbo Diesel engines, as quick getaways can protect the president in dangerous situations. The website does list a variety of features for the presidential model, with the emphasis placed on the elegant luxurious interior and highly intelligent driving experience, but leaves out mentions of stereotypical presidential upgrades such as bulletproof glass.

The most noticeable key features of the presidential model are the custom roof opening, so the president can greet his people while in motion, and the french flag emblems that garnish the car in various locations, both internally and externally. The interior of the car is adorned with luxurious leather contrasted with artisan gilding, creating an elegant sophistication to the car’s interior. Furthermore, the Crossback also features intelligent suspension technology that scans the road topography ahead of the car, so that the suspension can be adjusted in real-time to ensure optimum comfort. The intelligence of the car’s features does not stop there, hosting an autonomous driving mode called DS CONNECTED PILOT as well.

Clearly, President Marcon not only has a fine taste in cars but also values the importance of technology in a modern driving setting.

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Peugeot 5008

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Further demonstrating his love of SUVs, another one of the cars in President Macron’s command is the Peugeot 5008.

The Peugeot brand is quite elusive in the American and Canadian car community as Peugeot does not currently sell cars in America and Cannada. However, this is not to diminish or reject the importance of Peugeot as a brand, but rather to acknowledge their prowess, as the President’s ownership of the 5008 clearly indicates the quality and capability of this new SUV.

The 5008 is relatively cheap, with the base model, Active Premium, starting at USD$38,728 and going up all the way to the top model, GT Premium, priced at USD$55,542, and housing an impressive range of extra features over the base model. Performance is not the key selling point for the 5008, however, it is “surprisingly quick” (HotCars) for a 7 seater SUV.

“surprisingly quick”

The main selling point, as alluded to, is the capability to house 7 passengers rather comfortably, while providing a whole array of comfort and technology features. Furthermore, the intricate interior of the car is supported by its gorgeous exterior, exemplified by its aggressive angular front-end.

President Macron’s taste in SUVs clearly contends the possibility of providing technological advancement without risking the loss of stylish prowess.

Renault Espace

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President Macron demonstrates diversity in his car ownership habits, moving away from the SUV category to the MPV category with the Renault Espace.

Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) are a sort of blending of SUVs and minivans. Designed to be spacious with some off-road ability, they present versatility, and diversity. The Espace however, does not conform to the standard MPV makeup, as it is sleeker and less cumbersome than its competitors. 

More specifically, the newest iteration of the Espace (2015-present), has three engine choices, with the most powerful engine, a 1.6L Petrol engine, creating 197HP (AutoExpress). It also features a smooth dual-clutch automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The cabin provides comfortable seating for 7 passengers, while the driver enjoys the benefits of an advanced infotainment system and a variety of driver assistance systems (Wikipedia).

While President Macron’s car selection might be humble comparatively, it highlights his support of the French automotive industry all the while enjoying the benefits of comfort in his cars. And let’s be honest, the president does deserve a little bit of comfort for all his hard work.

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