Tips (and tires) for protection from potholes

During uncertain times, Canadians tend to take steps to remove uncertainty and add confidence to their everyday lives in a variety of ways.

Today, as SUVs and trucks represent over 80 of every 100 vehicles sold in Canada, more Canadians than ever are spending time outdoors. This has resulted in growth in demand for vehicles – and tires – that’ll help tackle new adventures with added peace of mind.

Below, we’ll take a look at a few tips and tires that are worth consideration if you’re heading into the market for some new rubber for your car, truck, SUV or trailer.

Nokian Tyres One: Poor Roads Cost You Money

According to research from Nokian Tyres, North American drivers spend about $750 per year on vehicle related maintenance due to poor roads. For that reason, Nokian has recently launched a new line of tires called Nokian Tyres One that are built using tech from the world of bulletproof vests to create a reinforced passenger car tire that’s built tough. Nokian says One is 20 per cent less likely to puncture when encountering a road hazard.

Since Tyres One are built with toughness and durability as a priority, they’re even backed by a 130,000-kilometre warranty, including a Pothole Protection warranty that’ll see Nokian replace a tire if a road hazard damages it beyond repair. These passenger car tires are widely available in a variety of sizes, and are built to withstand punishing road surfaces while maintaining a balanced drive. It’s our first example of how tire manufacturers are responding to motorists who want to add confidence to their travels.

Hankook Vantra: Toughened Trailer Tires

Another example exists in the latest from Hankook tires,  who recently announced their first trailer tire line, the Vantra series.  Hankook Tire and Technology President Sooil Lee says that the Vantra line of trailer tires was created to help consumers enjoy the freedom of the open road and the adventure of the great outdoors, while bringing high performance, durability and quality levels into the trailer tire scene.

Hankook’s Vantra trailer tires are optimized for heavy-duty performance, reinforced with an all-steel radial structure, and special compound and construction technologies that help them stand up to heavy use with added durability that makes them ideal for use among shoppers who frequently tow trailers in rough road or off-road settings.


Sailun Tires: A Warranty Leader

For budget-minded shoppers who want maximum value from their new tires, Sailun tires are worth a look. With leading treadlife protection coverage up to 120,000 kilometres or 60 months on their Inspire Touring tire, and up to 80,000 kilometres or 60 months of coverage on their Terramax HLT crossover SUV tire, Sailun’s combination of affordable up-front pricing and strong treadlife protection makes them a strong overall value for many shoppers.

One year of road hazard protection is included as well – saving shoppers the need to purchase it separately, or move into a pricier competitor tire to get it. If you’re after premium levels of coverage and dependability from a value-priced tire, that’s a compelling offering.

Tire Warranties: Remember Your End of the Deal

Most tires come with some coverage against premature wear, road hazard damage, material defects, and more – but when it comes to the warranty on your tires, there are a few things to know.

For instance, some tire manufacturers won’t consider replacing a prematurely-worn tire under a treadwear warranty until the tires are fully worn out, if you have a claim.

Tire warranties vary from one to the next in terms of what’s covered, how long coverage applies for, and what’s required of the owner to maintain that warranty in good standing. The important thing to know? A warranty is a two-way agreement.

The tire manufacturer guarantees the tire, provided that owners maintain their tires properly. If you need a warranty claim for you tire, you’ll likely need to prove that the tires were rotated, inflated, and even inspected regularly, at pre-set intervals. Driving in extreme conditions can void the warranty on some tires, as can uneven tread-wear or other damage caused by a failure to maintain the vehicle’s alignment properly – or to have the tires rotated regularly. Damage caused by driving on improperly-inflated tires may void your warranty, too.


Installing inappropriate tires for the application (for instance, car tires on an SUV), will void warranty coverage as well. Always check with an expert to be sure the tires you’re buying are sized and spec’d properly for the vehicle you’re mounting them to.

Finally, in the same way that your vehicle’s powertrain warranty can be easily voided by skipping oil changes or servicing, the warranty on your new tires requires some attention and care on the part of the driver. Check with your sales rep, or with the literature included with your tires, for the full scoop.

Keep all documentation relating to your tires, including receipts and records relating to seasonal changes, inspections, rotations, and pressure adjustments as necessary. This can help speed up the warranty claim process, if needed.

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