Tips for motorcyclists on the road


UTAH (ABC4) – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and with warmer weather taking over the Beehive State, it is essential to know the basics when out and about.

According to the Public leaders and local agencies, here are life-saving tips to ensure the safety of all motorcyclists traveling on Utah roads.

5 Tips for motorcyclists

Scan 12 seconds ahead when driving. According to officials, it is important to stay focused while driving. Similar to skiing, it is essential to look far ahead. But in town, keep an eye on the aisles to avoid the door that a distracted motorist can open under your nose.

“Concentrate only on your driving and prohibit the use of a Walkman or similar. On a scooter or motorbike, all the senses must be constantly on the lookout,” adds Utah Rider Education.

Learn to “read” the behavior of motorists

According to officials when out and about it is vital to read the behavior of other motorists traveling on the road.

“Beware of cars with erratic behavior. The driver may be on the phone or looking for directions. Wait to overtake because there is a good chance that it will turn suddenly, forgetting, of course, to use its turn signal,” they add.

Distrust intersections and roundabouts

When on the road, officials advise riders to always respect the signs such as lights, stop signs, priority right, and more.

If you are traveling on the road it is best that even if you have priority, slow down anyway. Never force the passage.

“Remember that on two-wheelers, in the event of a collision, the crumpled sheet… it’s you,” adds Utah Rider Education.

And when it comes to roundabouts, as you are less impressive than a large 4×4, some vehicles entering the roundabout will not hesitate to force their way. Officials are asking riders to not insist.

“Also, pay attention to the traces of diesel fuel left by the trucks. It slides as much as ice! Tighten the rope as much as possible. There, the road is very unlikely to be smeared,” they chime.

Have boundaries

According to Utah Rider Education, another valuable tip for when driving a motorcycle is to have boundaries and to respect a healthy distance.

“Do not follow cars too closely. They can brake suddenly. And between the moment when you see their brake lights come on and the one when you start to brake, you will need a good second,” officials tell ABC4. “Remember that in the wet, stopping distances are doubled, even with a machine equipped with ABS!”

Be prepared

When traveling on the road, motorcyclists should have these three items with them:

  • Shoes: closed shoes are imperative whatever the season. Ideally, boots or high shoes fitted with non-slip soles. On a motorcycle, watch out for the laces that could get caught in the foot controls.
  • Gloves: gloves are not only used to protect hands from the cold. They will prevent you from serious burns in the event of a fall.
  • Helmet: it is the only compulsory equipment. There are two types, jet and general. The first, lighter, is pleasant to wear in summer, but it does not protect the lower face. This is why we warmly recommend the integral which offers maximum protection; you must not forget to attach it!

“Driving a motorcycle requires having minimum equipment to ensure comfort and safety. More protective than a motorcycle, the scooter encourages you to be less demanding. A serious mistake can happen in the event of a fall, the consequences are the same,” officials warn.

Utah Rider Education provides quality MSF-certified motorcycle rider education since 1985. They offer motorcycle riding courses & classes that are designed to help all riders by providing a safe and positive place for beginners to learn to ride and for experienced riders to improve their skills.

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