Top Safety Car Driving Tips To Prevent A Traffic Collision

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Car driving is one of the most exciting and rewarding activities to take up as an adult. Turning on the engine and navigating your way may sound sweet and simple, but sometimes even the simplest of things, such as driving, can result in serious and big impacts.

Sometimes the effect can be so big that it can result in a collision and also fatality. Car driving comes with a lot of enjoyment, romantic dates, fun times out with friends, and a lot more, but at the same time, it can turn down as terrifying just in case you do not behave as a responsible driver.

Hence a sound and safe driving is the only way to find a rescue to such mishaps and severities. So here are we pen down a few tips that everyone should follow before getting on the road for a driving session:

Safety belts are meant to be buckled

Safety belts are considered one of the most effective and vital safety devices in the car and thus should be used every time you drive your way. Safety belts can prevent car crash injuries, but you would mostly find drivers overlooking this safety aspect and driving without their belts on.

You need to know that the safety belts are no fashion accessory that you can avoid or ignore when hopping inside your car. It is something mandatory that every driver should essentially wear to prevent injuries and fatality.

Always signal before you act

There are various sets of rules and signals that you should get acquainted with while driving. And, above all, using them at the right time and the right spot is a mandate to showcase your expert driving skills.

You cannot make up a sudden mood and take a U-turn randomly without any intimation; the car driver behind you can get a heart attack in such a case.

Let the drivers behind you get an idea about your intentions beforehand rather than surprising them all of a sudden, making them lose control over their wheels.

Failure to indicate your intentions to the people driving behind you can result in a serious accident further inviting a police case and Car Accident Lawyer in Cumming, GA to take control over the situation. Thus, signaling your next move is of paramount importance when you are on a busy road.

Maintain a safe distance

Despite how enticing a car is, do maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Traveling in close proximity can turn up as a disaster recipe as you may fail to take charge of your wheels and brakes if the vehicle in front of you tends to stop abruptly all of a sudden.

Thus maintain enough room between your car and the car moving ahead of you so that you have a safe stopping distance just in case there arises an emergency situation wherein you may need to apply the brakes to prevent a collision.

Passenger limitation

It may feel tempting to overload your car and seat as many passengers as you want beyond the actual limit, but again this is not something that is recommended. There are certain limits and restrictions to everything you come across, and your car is no exception.

Exceeding the number of actual passengers who can comfortably be seated inside the car may give birth to a fatal crash. Hence do not just overwhelm your car just because it is yours, and you can fill it up as you wish.

Abide by the number of restrictions and follow all the guidelines to prevent any kind of accidents that may cost you your life.

Never be influenced by your peers

Need for speed might be your motto when you are out with your friends for an outdoorsy time. And, your friends may also add to the thrill factor by asking you to speed up further, competing with the nearby cars passing by.

But being a wise person is purely a matter of choice in such a case. One should learn the essence of denying such peers who unnecessarily tend to provoke you to speed up.

Speedy cars can turn out to be very dangerous at times. When things are good, it remains good, but even the slightest mistake can pose a danger to innocent lives.

Hence despite all the provoking statements and cheap thrill demands you get from your friends to speed up, you should be sane enough to know your limitations.

Save yourselves from falling under the clutches of your peers, and do not get tempted to become the next Micheal Schumacher on the road.

It’s better to be late than sorry

Just like prevention is better than cure, being late is better than speeding up to reach a place on time. Yes, punctuality is undoubtedly one of the good qualities that you should adhere to as a person of ethics but not at the cost of your lives and safety.

If you happen to sense that you cannot reach a place or meet your commitments as per the decided time, do not simply speed up to show your punctual side. After all, it is always better to be late than sorry.

You can always find an excuse for being late, but no excuses would work if you encounter an accident or mishap due to your rash and speeded-up driving. So either leave early to be well before on time or be ready with an apology for being late instead of simply rushing and making yourself prone to unforeseen incidents.

Keep distractions at bay

Your phone stands to be one an essential thing in your life in today’s era, but at the same time, it also serves to be one of the major distractions when it is used at places where it shouldn’t be used.

Using your phone while driving is one of the biggest mistakes that you may be making, as it may land you down into some unpleasant and unwanted situation. Hence, turning your phone off, keeping it at a distance, using any sort of text blocking app, or using it only when you are not in the driving seat can help you save yourself from being distracted and ending up in a collision.

Drink and drive should be a total no-no

We are not pretending to be your parents to keep you away from alcohol. After all, it’s your life and your choice; you can decide whether it’s good for yourself to drink alcohol or not. But all your instincts of being alcoholic should be given wings inside four walls.

May it be a bar, a friend’s place, or any other retiring space you may think of, all such alcoholic beverages can be consumed and enjoyed at such places and not in your cars in any case. Nor should you consider driving after enjoying a booze party.

Getting high may get you in the seventh skies, but in no case should you get on the driving seat after enjoying alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can take control over your mind and may also affect your cognitive abilities.

Even the soberest of the drivers can go down on their driving skills when drunk. Not only can drunk driving land you down into paying hefty penalties when caught, but it can also cause you to risk your lives. Hence, drunk driving should not at all exist in your driving diaries.

Abiding by the rules and regulations

Promises are meant to be broken, but rules are meant to be followed. Rules are made for a reason and are not put in place to be overlooked but to be followed.

Thus, one should understand the importance of adhering to the rules as these can prevent a driver from falling prey to accidents. Also, sticking to the rules can save you from landing down in jail. So you can very well understand the importance of abiding by the rules, right?

Right attitude- a mandatory requirement

Right attitude also matters a lot when it comes to safe driving. Do not be over-excited or super confident about your driving skills when you are out on the road in your car. Maturity and modesty are the two keys to responsible driving.

Overexcitement is the mother of mishaps, and hence proper care should be taken to bestow a responsible approach rather than a happy-go-lucky and excited one to stay safe while you drive.

Supervised practice- a must

If you are a novice kick-starting your driving journey, then you should always drive under supervision until you become an expert driver. Controlled supervision and monitoring can build good drivers.

Thus, driving under the wings of an expert can help you steer your way from being a novice to a pro. Also, never ever drive until you get a valid license, or you may end up inviting unwanted trouble for yourself.


Driving your dream car is one of the most exciting milestones of adulthood, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities that one should shoulder as a responsible driver. Failure to do the same can result in some severe mishaps and fatalities.

And, hence one should know their tits and bits while they get behind the wheels. With this article, we hope that we have stirred the pot to get you practical and sane tips to keep in mind while you sit behind the steering wheel.

So the next time you set out in your car, make sure that you adhere to the tips mentioned above for a safe and sound driving session.

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