Women pay $77 more for auto insurance than men in Colorado

DENVER (KDVR) — When it comes to the price of car insurance in Colorado, a new report shows women are paying a lot more than men.

It turns out, Colorado has one of the highest gender disparity gaps in the nation when it comes to vehicle insurance costs.

Analysts at QuoteWizard looked at the average car insurance rates through every insurance company in our state and then compared prices for men and women.

According to the research, female drivers in Colorado pay on average about $77 more to insure their vehicles each year than male drivers.

Data: QuoteWizard

When you stack Colorado up against every other state in the country, QuoteWizard ranked us as the 6th highest state for gender disparity in the nation.

Costs are higher especially for women in Colorado between the ages of 40 and 60.

As for why women pay more, experts say there is no real clear answer.

“That also compares to states like Florida in Alaska that have over a $300 difference in women paying more for car insurance. But there are states where men pay more for car insurance than women,” said Adam Johnson with QuoteWizard.

In Arizona for example, men pay about $64 more to insure their vehicles.

Overall, analysts found women pay more for car insurance than men in 31 states (including Colorado), 15 where men pay more and four states where men and women basically pay the same.

To take a closer look at the new report, click here.

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